Greek banks to focus on increasing financing of households and enterprises, sources say

Greek banks will give more emphasis on a further increase of financing to households and enterprises, aiming to contribute in this way to establishing positive economic growth rates in the country.

Bank officials have repeatedly stated that Greek banks possess the liquidity needed to finance every sustainable business plan and to cover the needs of Greek citizens in housing and consumer credit. In this framework, banks have already announced the commitment of specific funds to finance the economy and have created all necessary infrastructure to speed up financing procedures. Bank officials said that borrowers must know that the criteria for loan approval will be strictly implemented to avoid the possibility of creating a new generation of non-performing loans.

Banking sources said there was an increase in demand in the retail banking sector for the first time after a long period, focusing on small- and medium-sized enterprises and housing credit.

The same sources said that messages coming from efforts to reduce non-performing loans are optimistic as banks are achieving their goals.