Greek bond market closing report 14/10

The yield spread between the 10-year Greek and German benchmark bonds widened significantly to 8.37 pct in the domestic electronic secondary bond market on Friday, from 8.29 pct the previous day, with the Greek bond yielding 8.42 pct and the German Bund yielding 0.05 pct. There was no turnover in the market.

In interbank markets, interest rates were mixed. The 12-month rate was -0.072 pct, the nine-month rate rose to -0.133 pct from -0.135 pct, the six-month rate fell to -0.204 pct from -0.203 pct, the three-month rate rose to -0.311 pct from -0.313 pct and the one-month rate rose to -0.371 pct.