Greek bonds held by Eurosystem at 13.2 bln euros in end-2016

Greek state bonds held by the Eurosystem by the end of 2016 totaled 13.2 billion euros from its purchases in the framework of a Securities Markets Programme (SMP) from May 2010 to September 2012, European Central Bank said in an announcement on Thursday.

ECB said that the average remaining duration of Greek bonds was 2.9 years. It total, the Eurosystem has in its portfolio bonds of a nominal value of 105 billion euros from the SMP programme, led by Italian bonds (54.9 bln), Spain (20.1 bln), Greece and Portugal (9.5 billion each) and Ireland (7.3 billion).

ECB’s net profits grew by 111 million euros to 1.193 billion euros last year boosted by an increase in its asset purchase programme (APP) introduced in 2015, while the central bank’s assets grew to 349 billion euros in 2016 from 257 billion in 2015.