Greek centrist party Potami withdraw from Movement for Change group

The Greek centrist party Potami voted on Sunday to leave the Movement for Change (KINAL) group, led by once powerful PASOK, only a few months after it entered the coalition.

With a vote of 97 in favor and 16 against the motion to leave KINAL, Potami’s MPs adopted the position put forward by leader Stavros Theodorakis in his keynote speech to a meeting of party officials in Athens.

The meeting of the representatives of Potami party started on Sunday with the speech of party leader Stavros Theodorakis. Theodorakis proposed the party’s withdrawal from the Movement of Change.

Theodorakis’ aim was the broadening of the political forces in the Movement of Change which has not achieved and therefore he believes that the advisable solution is to go separate ways. He also rejected he has agreed to cooperate with either New Democracy or SYRIZA.