Greek CEOs less optimistic in Q4, ACEO/ICAP index

Greek CEOs were slightly less optimistic in the fourth quarter of 2018, with the ACEO/ICAP-CEO General Index easing to 159 points from 163 in the previous quarter, the Association of Chief Executive Officers said in a survey released on Tuesday.

The quarterly survey, conducted on a sample of 3,020 CEOs from the largest Greek enterprises in cooperation with ICAP Group, attributed this decline to uncertainty among CEOs over a protracted pre-election period which could lead to a divergence in economic policy. The first quarter of 2019 will be critical in showing whether this decline was temporary or it has more permanent characteristics. The ACEO-CEO Current Status Index fell to 153 points in the fourth quarter from 156 in the previous quarter, while the ACEO-CEO Expectation Index eased to 165 points from 170 points, respectively.

The percentage of CEOs saying the current economic condition in the country improved was 30 pct, while a 42 pct of CEOs in large enterprises said the conditions were better compared with one year ago. A 39 pct of CEOs said the economic condition will be better in 12 months was 39 pct (CEOs in large enterprises were more optimistic 52 pct).

The percentage of CEOs saying the current condition of their enterprises was better compared with a year ago was 56 pct (65 pct for CEOs in large enterprises).