Greek Chambers of Commerce: Greece needs a framework for exercising lobbying

Greece is in need of a regulatory framework for the exercising of lobbying, President of Central Union of Greek Chambers of Commerce and of Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) Constantinos Michalos said at an event organised by the ACCI called “lobbying with transparency.”

Greece currently has neither a code of conduct nor a list of registered interest groups, Michalos said, and this can lead to collusion and damage the credibility of both the business and the political world.

Greek businesses are in favour of initiatives increasing transparency in the practice of lobbying, Michalos said.

“Democracy gains from the existence of groups expressing the interests of entire segments of the Greek society… Secrecy and lack of transparency are the enemies of the democratic process,” he continued and referred to lobbying as “an activity that exists and will continue to exist whether we accept and recognize it or not.”

Finally, Michalos said that lobbying should evolve into a legitimate and useful part of planning and designing policies.