Greek clothing exports on the rise

Political instability in Turkey -the second largest supplier of Europe in textile products after China- is benefiting Greek clothes exporters, with European companies seeking Greek partners lately, Theofilos Aslanidis, general manager of Greek Fashion told ANA.

He noted that exports were supporting the clothing/textiles sector in Greece as it reported positive results in 2016. Aslanidis said exports of Greek clothing grew 0.3 pct in 2016 to 543 million euros (provisional data), although he stressed that real figures were much higher since many Greek companies are exporting their products through their subsidiaries in Bulgaria and FYROM.

Greek Fashion said exports were rising in the first two months of 2017, after a 4.6 pct rise in 2016 to 1.27 billion euros (textile exports amounted to 356 million euros, up 11.8 pct from 2015, while cotton exports totaled 368 million euros, up 4.6 pct).

In the domestic market, turnover eased 3.0 pct in the fourth quarter of 2016, minimizing positive results recorded in the first half of 2016.

Greek Fashion said turnover of clothing companies in the domestic market grew 3.3 pct in 2016, clothing production fell 9.1 pct, while textile production grew 2.2 ct.