Greek court rules against extradition to Turkey for second of nine Kurds held in Greece

A Greek appeals court on Tuesday ruled against the extradition to Turkey of the second of a group of nine Kurds of Turkish nationality being held in Greece. The nine Kurds were arrested in central Athens last December.

The judges agreed with the public prosecutor’s argument that the 48-year-old Kurd might be tried for offences other than those listed on the arrest warrant if he was extradited to Turkey and that the evidence and charges supporting the extradition request were “insufficient and vague”.

The charges were disputed by the 48-year-old, who said he was being persecuted without evidence because he was a “revolutionary”, for actions that he had either not committed or for which he had already served time in Turkey, such as an attack on a Turkish prosecutor at a time when he was jailed in Germany.

After the hearing, the 48-year-old was taken back to a Greek prison because he is being held for offences committed in Greece.

According to sources, Turkey has also requested the extradition of a woman arrested with the rest of the Kurds in central Athens.