Greek Day for Refugees marks solidarity, hospitality and tolerance, says Migration Min

The Greek Day of Refugees marks solidarity, humanism, hospitality and tolerance as values that dominate and play a key role for Greeks, today and over time, stated Migration Policy Minister Dimitris Vitsas in a statement on the Greek Day of Refugees on Thursday.

“We Greeks have experienced uprooting and emigration in several phases of our history and have managed to stand on our feet again. Every year, on April 5, we honour those who are uprooted from their countries to escape war, persecution and other disasters, to save their children and themselves and try to build a new future, a new prospect, elsewhere” he said.

“Our people, with this historic background, that constitutes a duty and a compass for the future, embraced the refugees from Syria and offered from their meagre stores whatever they could afford and more. From the first moment of the refugee crisis, our country bore the heaviest burden on Europe’s account by rescuing the ideals and the values of European civilisation, something that it will continue to do for reasons of political consistency and human dignity”.

Concluding, Vitsas noted that “the Greek government and the migration ministry remain committed to the relief of those people that were forced to abandon their houses by following with loyalty all those provided at international and European level for the protection of human rights and freedoms”.