Greek Defense Systems (EAS) in strategic cooperation with US ATK

The Greek Defense Systems (EAS) and the American ATK company signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Wednesday during a special ceremony at the Defense Ministry, also attended by its top political and military leadership.

The agreement includes the co-production of 94,669 combat ammunition and 14,448 military exercise ammunition for the Greek assault Apache helicopters, worth 12.7 million euros, as well as the implementation of the agreement between ATK and the U.S. government for the production of 40 mm 40L60 projectiles on behalf of the U.S. Air Force.

In the framework of the EAS-ATK agreement, the two companies plan to also co-produce 20 X 173 mm and 30 X 173 mm ammunition for the international market, as well as co-produce 40 X 53 mm ammuntion for the USA. EAS was recently certified to produce the latter type of ammunition, which it could also export to Germany and France. The two companies could also co-produce ATK weapons’ metal parts for the international market.

It appears that ATK plans to use the EAS facilities at Aigio, western Greece as a transit centre for freight flows to the Balkans and the Middle East.

In a short speech during the signing ceremony, the Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos emphasized that the systematic efforts of recent years resulted in a constructive agreement, mutually beneficial for the interested parties, the defense industry and the bilateral relations between Greece and USA.

The U.S. Ambassador to Greece David Pearce made a reference to “good news in the midst of the economic crisis” and reminded everyone of the high level of cooperation between the two countries in the areas of defense and security.