Greek Diaspora Map to be presented on Wednesday

The digital map on the Greek Diaspora is presented on Wednesday in Thessaloniki at an event organised by the Foreign Ministry, the General Secretariat of Greek Abroad adn the South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX), at 19:00, at Thessaloniki City Hall.

It is the digital recording and depiction of the whole Greek presence abroad, which started in 2015.

The Greek Diaspora Map, the only map on the Greek diaspora, will be accessible to all Greek citizens and will be interactive in order to be enriched with new data on the presence of the Greeks throughout the world.

The map marked the start of the permanent cooperation between the Greek Foreign Ministry and the Oxford University which will be officially inaugurated with the signing of a cooperation memorandum between the two sides after the end of the event.

This cooperation is expected to open up horizons not only for the Greek Diaspora but also for a wider dissemination of the Greek language and of the Greek culture abroad.