Greek economy is recovering, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos says

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos characterised the upgrade of Greece’s credit rating by Moody’s “a huge success, largely predetermined”.

Speaking to radio “Real FM” on Saturday, Tzanakopoulos said that the country is on a stability and invigoration of the growth dynamic course and the fiscal targets are met and for the first time an expansionary fiscal policy is implemented.

“The Greek economy is on recovery course and the people’s real life is improving, however we have a long way to cover to be able to create decent living conditions for all the citizens”, said Tzanakopoulos.

On the issue of the non-performing loans, he said that there are still some details that remain to be solved with the supervising institutions adding that the draft law will proceed normally without any problem.

Referring to the primary surpluses, he said that “for the first time we have the opportunity not only to meet our fiscal targets but to take measures of expansionary fiscal policy noting that the only government that could, after 2020, succeed a reduction on the primary surpluses would be a Tsipras (Prime Minister, Alexis) government.

Commenting on the establishment of a progressive front he said that after the Prespes Agreement there are new conditions in the political stage. One part of the social-democracy took distances from the Movement for Change (KINAL) and approached SYRIZA with aim the creation of a progressive front with strategic rival New Democracy. He estimated that this effort should acquire a clear political mark, especially ahead of the European elections with main opponents the neoliberalism, the austerity and the extreme-right in Europe.