Greek Economy minister Dimitris Papadimitriou optimistic over second review talks

Greek Economy Minister Dimitris Papadimitriou, speaking to reporters on Thursday, expressed his optimism that a political push will be given at a Eurogroup meeting in February 20 to complete a second review of the Greek programme, while Economy Alternate Minister Alexis Charitsis noted that the Greek government has made all necessary work to reach an agreement and that the institutions must keep their part of the agreement. “Nothing beyond that,” he said.

Addressing an event organized by European Investment Bank, Papadimitriou asked for a further expansion of EIB’s contribution in restarting the Greek economy with additional funding, emphasizing on infrastructure projects, energy, logistics, tourism and SMEs. The Greek minister underlined the importance of EIB’s contribution in the planning of an agenda to develop regions hit by the refugee crisis.

Papadimitriou said that following the set up of an Equifund, the Economy ministry plans to set up an Infrastructure
Investment Fund, managed by EIB, with a portfolio of 400 million euros to fund infrastructure projects in renewable energy sources, energy saving and urban development. He noted there were three basic preconditions to attract investments: adhering to a fiscal stabilization programme, supporting business plans and lifting counter-incentives for investments.

The Greek minister reminded that EIB has offered funds worth 30 billion euros to Greece since 1960 and has approved loans worth 3.4 billion euros in the 2015-2016 period.