Greek economy now positively assessed, finance minister says

The Greek economy is now positively assessed by Greece’s partners, investors, credit rating firms and Greek citizens, a fact proved by the spectacular increase of the stock market index in 2019, Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said in comments made on Thursday, during the opening of the first session of the Athens Stock Exchange for 2020. Staikouras rang the traditional opening bell of the session.

In other comments, the finance minister presented the government’s economic policy goals for 2020, which are: high and sustainable growth, redistribution of income focusing on social cohesion, improving household income through a larger-than-originally planned tax reduction, boosting liquidity, changing fiscal goals and strengthening money and capital markets.

Athens Εxchange Group CEO, Socrates Lazaridis, underlined that the Greek stock market was the top performer globally in 2019 and noted that the goal for this year was to drain significant capital from the capital market to boost enterprises and the economy.