Greek embassy in Lisbon: Greek fish exports to Portugal strong in 2016

Greece is the seventh biggest supplier of fish to Portugal but the second largest supplier of fresh sea bass and bream in the country, the Greek embassy in Lisbon said in a report.

In 2016, the value of Greek exports of fish to Portugal totaled 42.6 million euros, or 2.0 pct of total imports in the country and accounted for 22 pct of Greek exports to Portugal. Fish is the main category of Greek exports to Portual, mainly fresh bream and sea bass from fish farming (Greece is the second largest supplier with a 37 pct market share in the country, with Spain the main competitor although Portugal lately imports sea bass and bream fish from Turkey).

Imports of bream fish from Greece accounted for 34 pct of imports, worth 21 million euros, while imports of Greek sea bass accounted for 42 pct of imports worth 15 million euros.

The Greek embassy’s report said that Portugal is the European country with the highest per capita consumption of fish products (57 kilos per person/annually) and that the country impoted around 400,000 tons of fish products each year. The report noted, however, that Portuguese companies planned to raise their domestic fish farming activities and that Greek fish farming companies should prepare to face even greater competition in the country.