Greek embassy in Paris: Greece-France trade down in Jan-Sept 2017

Bilateral trade between Greece and France fell 2.6 pct in the January-September 2017 period, with the volume of trade totaling 1.94 billion euros, the Greek embassy in Paris said in a report.

The report said that the value of Greek exports to France eased 2.3 pct compared with the same period in 2016 to 517.2 million euros from 529.3 million in 2016. Imports from France also fell by 2.7 pct to 1.43 billion euros. The trade balance showed a 3.0 pct improvement but remained in deficit for Greece (-911.3 million euros).

The top Greek export categories to France were aluminium (14.6 pct of total exports worth 75 million euros, up 7.3 pct), followed by pharmaceuticals (58.6 million euros and an 11.3 pct market share), plastic materials (42.6 million euros and an 8.2 pct market share), aquaculture products (41.6 million euros and an 8.0 pct market share), vegetable, fruit and nuts (31.7 million and a 6.1 pct market share).

The top five product categories accounted for 48.3 pct of total exports, while the top 20 categories accounted for 83.9 pct of exports.

The top 10 of Greek export products in the nine-month period were pharmaceuticals with a market share of 8.9 pct (up 14.4 pct in the January-September period worth 46.1 million euros), followed by fresh bream (22.4 million euros or 4.3 pct of total exports), followed by aluminium products (18.5 million euros up 114 pct and a 3.6 pct market share), steel pipes (17.8 million euros and a 3.4 pct market share) and fresh sea bass (15 million euros and a market share of 2.9 pct).

The main imports from France are pharmaceuticals (165 million euros and a market share of 11.6 pct), meat and products (144.8 million euros and a market share of 10 pct), cosmetics (81.9 million euros and a 5.7 pct market share), cars (75.4 million and a 5.3 pct market share), aviation products (75 million and a 5.3 pct market share).