Greek employers more optimistic over employment prospects in the third quarter of 2017

Greek employers are more optimistic over hiring intentions in the next three months, ManpowerGroup said in a survey on employment prospects.

In the survey, released on Tuesday, ManpowerGroup said total employment prospects rose to +11 pct, the highest level recorded in more than eight years, up two percentage points compared with the previous quarter and up five percentage points compared with same period in 2016.

Employers in all nine sectors of economic activity expect an increase in the number of employed people in the third quarter of 2017, particularly in the Financial, Insurance, Real Estate and Services to enterprises sectors, where total employment prospects are +23 pct.

Employers in the agricultural sector also are optimistic, with prospects at +21 pct, while in the industrial sector prospects are +11 pct, as in the commerce sector. In the public sector/social services employment prospects stand at +7 pct, in the construction and transport/communication sectors prospects are at +5 pct, while in the electricity/natural gas/water sector employment prospects are +3 pct.

The transport/communication and tourism sectors recorded a decline in hiring prospects, down four and three percentage points, respectively, on a quarterly basis, while on an annual basis, the construction sector recorded the higher improvement in hiring prospects (up 16 percentage points).

Large enterprises expect a strong labour market, with employment prospects at +25 pct, in medium-sized enterprises employment prospects are at +16 pct and in small and very small enterprises employment prospects at at +8 pct and +3 pct, respectively.