Greek employers more optimistic over new hiring prospects, ManpowerGroup survey

Greek employers are more optimistic over new hiring prospects in the April-June period this year, ManpowerGroup Greece said in a report released on Tuesday.

Greek employers recorded the strongest forecast on new hirings in the last nine years, with a 26 pct of employers expecting an increase in the workforce, 5.0 pct expecting a decline and a 65 pct not expecting any change.

Hiring prospects are positive in all economic sectors, the country’s regions and for all sizes of enterprises. The strongest labour markets are expected to be electricity/natural gas/water (+22 pct), followed by agriculture, financial & insurance, real estate, state & social services, transport & communication, commerce (retail and wholesale) with a 16 pct increase and construction with a 15 pct increase. On the other hand, employers were less optimistic in the industrial/production sector (+10 pct).

Employers in northern Greece expect a remarkable increase in the number of workers in the second quarter of 2018 (+14 pct) for the third successive quarter, while prospects in the wider Attica region are +17 pct.

Employers from large enterprises are more optimistic over new hiring prospects (+23 pct).