Greek exports to Holland up 20.2 pct in 2016

Greek exports to Holland grew 20.2 pct in 2016 to 548,788,000 euros, while imports from Holland rose 2.4 pct to 2,124,480,000 euros, with the trade balance remaining negative for Greece (although it fell by 2.49 pct in the year), the Dutch statistics service said in a report.

The main Greek exports to Holland in 2016 were pharmaceuticals, fruits and nets, meters, tobacco products, argile, packaged vegetables, oil products, fish, plastic artifacts, electrical machines, food products and wheat products. The value of exports in these product categories totaled 306,010,000 euros in a total of 548,788,000 euros.

Exports of oil products, tobacco products, food products , meters and fruits recorded the biggest percentage increase in 2016 compared with the previous year.

Imports from Holland were mainly pharmaceuticals, meat, cheese, telecommunications equipment, medical products, food products, raw natural materials, milk, shoes, argile, computers, office machines, oil products. The value of imports in these product categories totaled 1,117,895,000 euros in a total of 2,175,108,000 euros.

The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA) organizes a business trip to Amsterdam in June 20-22, in cooperation with the Greek embassy in the Hague and the support of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Focus will be given to the sectors of pharmaceuticals/cosmetics, packaged food and delicatessen, wines, bio-products, fishery, electrical equipment, kids clothes and footwear.