Greek farmers return to road blocks – Tempi Valley once again closed

Greek farmers participating in the roadblock at Tempi Valley in central-northern Greece closed the motorway again at noon on Sunday, saying their action will continue indefinitely, while more groups of protesters announced new action for next week.

During the weekend, farmers from around Greece staged a massive protest rally in central Athens, demanding that the government withdraws its proposed social security and pension reform bill and starts dialog from scratch.

Tempi Valley had remained open over the weekend so that protesters could attend the labour action in the capital. Farmers at Tempi, along with their colleagues at Mikrothives, central Greece are still expecting an invitation from the government on the proposals they submitted last week with improvements to the bill.

Further north in the region of Rodopi, farmers announced they will close the Greek-Bulgarian border crossing at Nymphea for 72 hours as of Monday. This means that for three days no cars or trucks will be able to cross from Greece into Bulgaria and vice versa.

Until Sunday and until midnight, farmers at the block said they will open the crossing every two hours and for 15 minutes to allow trapped drivers to pass through.

In Xanthi, northeaster Greece, farmers announced they will close the bridge at Nestos River, on the Egnatia Highway for seven hours as of Monday noon and until 17.00 (local), according to statements made to ANA-MPA by the representative of the roadblocks in the region, Kostas Dalatsis.