Greek FM’s role worked as catalyst in adoption of EU statemet on Varosha, diplomatic sources say

The role of the Greek Foreign Ministry and particularly of Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias worked as a catalyst in the adoption of the EU statement on Varosha, diplomatic sources said on Wednesday.

Τhe same sources said that the negotiation on the EU High Commissioner Josep Borrell ‘s plan had started last Friday, immediately after the statement of the UN Safety Council president.

The negotiation continued through the weekend but early Τuesday was brought to a standstill due to differences over the wording of possible EU action, in case Turkey does not comply with the respective decision of the UN Safety Council.
Dendias assumed the role of the mediator and essentially bridged the different views that prevailed and assisted in the fast adoption of the final text of the statement.

In this context, all sides agreed that the convention of an extraordinary teleconference of EU Foreign Ministers is not considered necessary, at least for the time being.