Greek football officials to stand trial over rigged games charges

Twenty-eight officials of Greek football, including Olympiakos team president Vangelis Marinakis, are being ordered to stand trial over rigged games charges at a criminal appeals court in Athens.

Marinakis, who had four charges against him originally, is standing trial only on the charge of manipulating the results of a game.

Despite a prosecutor’s proposal asking for four charges that included the formation of a criminal organization, the appeals judges decided to try some of the officials on the charge of forming a gang, which constitutes a misdemeanor. Those falling under this category include, besides Marinakis, Giorgos Sarris, Theodoros Kouridis, Aristidis Stathopoulos, Ioannis Papaconstantinou, Nikolaos Prountzos, Giorgos Douros, and Athanasios Briakos