Greek forests – Green destinations exhibition at the Athens International Airport

In a new exhibition in the airport terminal, the Goulandris Natural History Museum-Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre and the Athens International Airport share a manifold objective: to make Greek forests and the need for their protection publicly known, and enhance travellers’ awareness of Greek forests as unique destinations of high quality and value.

Highlighting forests’ significance to nature and man, the exhibition Greek forests- Green destinations focuses on the forest wealth of Greece, a country of small surface, and yet with a diverse terrain: Greece enjoys the biggest variety of forest ecosystems in Europe.

The exhibition “travels” visitors to invaluable forests of astonishing beauty, recreates mesmerizing landscapes and proposes exciting trips to unique destinations; the majestic Norway spruce forests at the north of Drama town, the exotic palm grove of Vai on Crete, the lush vegetation of the riverine forest of Nestos River in northern Greece and the vegetated slopes of famous Mount Olympus, to mention but a few.

The exhibition is on display in the “Art & Environment” exhibition area, on the Athens International Airport’s Arrivals Level, from March 6th until July 9th, 2017.