Greek fur industry to return to positive growth in 2017

The Greek fur industry will return to positive course in 2017 after three successive years of decline (with sales falling by more than 80 pct), Phaedon Giatas, vice-president in the Hellenic Fur Federation told ANA on Friday.

Giatas said messages received so far were very positive, adding that this optimism was based on contracts already signed on a global level and an improving condition on an international level, particularly in Russia traditionally one of the best customers of Kastoria fur. Speaking to ANA, on the sidelines of an inaguration ceremony of the 42nd Kastoria International Fair (May 4-7), Giatas said that none of the 1,200 enterprises in the industry -located in Kastoria prefecture and neighbouring Voio Kozani- closed down, but a 30 pct of them remained idle because of a loack of new orders. “We hope that all enterprises will get back in business this year, contributing in reducing unemployment in the region,” he said.

Giatas said more than 350 commercial visitors from Russia and Ukraine were currently in Kastoria, along with a 40-member delegation from South Korea.

The Greek fur industry have proved that with hard work, dedication and great effort were can reborn from our ashes, despite adverse conditions, he noted.