Greek government announced package of 500m euros to tackle the energy crisis

Government has announced a package of 500m euros to tackle the energy crisis, which is causing significant and growing burden on greek households.

The new measures:

* The subsidy on the reduction of electricity is doubled by the end of the year, with special care for vulnerable households. The total cost amounts to 326 million euros.

* The criteria for the heating allowance are expanded. The allowance increases by 36% for households without children, by 49% for households with one child, by 59% for households with two children and by 68% for households with three children. For each child it increases by 20% (instead of the current 10%). The minimum allowance is increased from 80 euros to 100 euros and the number of households covered exceeds one million. The total cost amounts to 168 million euros.

The allowance covers the consumption of heating oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, firewood, etc.