Greek government approves action plan for logistics sector

The Greek government’s Economic Policy Council, headed by vice-president Yiannis Dragasakis, on Tuesday approved a National Action Plan for the development of the logistics sector. The three-year plan aims for the development of a competitive, efficient and effective logistics sector in the country.

The council meeting also discussed a plan to distribute additional EU funds, worth 970.7 million euros for the period 2014-2020. The government aims to distribute this money to support actions on social state, employment, reforming the healthcare system, competitiveness and infrastructure (waste management, energy, etc).

The National Action Plan for the logistics sector aims to establish Greece as a logistics services provider of international standards. The plan envisages 35 actions in a three-year period.

The logistics business accounts around 10.8 pct of the country’s GDP and has shown resistance during the crisis. The government seeks to establish the sector as a basic pylon of the country’s productive reconstruction based on a comprehensive development plan, adhering strictly to environmental laws.

The port of Piraeus is already the fastest growing port in the Mediterranean and soon will be the second European port in the region. Other ports, such as Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli and Igoumenitsa can also play a significant role in attracting international cargo traffic.