Greek government is considering a gradual easing of restrictions from May 4th

According to reports, the Greek government is considering a gradual easing of coronavirus restrictions to curb the spread of the virus starting May 4th. Kathimerini reports that although Greece has done well in containing the pandemic, the government doesn’t want to lift the restrictions too soon on account of the potential of a resurgence of COVID-19 cases.

Greek authorities insist they are mindful of the need to ease the pressure on citizens who have been under lockdown for nearly a month. The leadership is aware public tolerance has its limits, according to the reports.

The first wave of relaxation will involve the opening of small shops, such as clothing and shoe retailers, which will be subject to strict regulations including social distancing. Department stores are to remain closed, as are beaches and parks, according to the reports.

As for the reopening of cafes, restaurants and bars, these will be considered at a later date once the impact of the first phase of relaxing restrictions has been assessed. Also, when cafes and restaurants do reopen they are expected to do so with fewer tables that won’t be allowed to be closer than a certain distance.

Schools are only expected to reopen for senior high pupils to sit university entry examinations. This is expected to take place in June or July, with strict social distancing rules to be applied.

Sources told Kathimerini the public lockdown will likely be eased gradually, though it is unclear when this process might begin. And, restrictions for the elderly and those with chronic illnesses will remain in place longer.