Greek government: The memorandum has died and austerity policies will not return

Noting that there was heightening pressure on the government to accept “recessionary measures” such as mass dismissals or further cuts to wages and pensions, government sources on Wednesday underlined that “the memorandum has died and austerity policies will not return.”

According to the sources, the government would not back down from the positions it considered “non-negotiable” and had presented as such to the electorate before the January 25 elections. They also stressed that the problem with the negotiations was not that Greece was not submitting detailed lists or processed proposals and deadlines.
“There are proposals, they know this very well and, in fact, have leaked these themselves,” the same sources added.

They accused “hyper-conservative circles in Greece and abroad of refusing to accept the reality,” namely that the austerity policies had been implemented, had failed and had led the country to the “tragic state currenly being experienced by the majority of the Greek people”.

“Instead of leaking and gloating over scenarios of default, let them finally realise the dead ends that their policy leads to, especially since Greece is paying off its obligations normally and has not received even one euro since August 2014,” the government sources concluded.