Greek gov’t green-lights 8 strategic investments in tourism sector

The Greek government on Wednesday gave a green light to 8 strategic investments worth 1.1 billion euros, contributing in the creation of 3,300 job positions.

A teleconference meeting of the Interministerial Commission for Strategic Investmens, headed by Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis, decided to include seven investments in the strategic investments procedures of Law 3894/2010.

These investments include the construction of a marina in Vlyhos, Lefkada, worth 70 million euros (120 job positions); a hotel complex in Koumbara-Diakofto and 5-star/holiday homes complex in Tzamaria-Faros (Ios island), this investment is budgeted at 43 million euros (165 job positions). Building a boutique 5-star hotel and holiday homes in Pikri Nero (Ios island), budgeted at 45 million euros (130 job positions). Building two hotel complexes in Papas-Loukas-Manousos-Peti-Hamouhades (Ios island), budgeted at 90 million euros (160 job positions). Building a hotel complex in Barko (Aktio), budgeted at 107 million euros (190 job positions). Building a hotel complex (resort type) in Castro, Kylene (Ilia, Peloponese), budgeted at 240 million euros (630 job positions) and building two hotels (Raffles Mykonos & Fairmont Mykonos), in Mykonos island, budgeted at 104 million euros (410 job positions).
The interministerial meeting also amended a previous decision to include in the strategic investments procedure the Elounda Hills project budgeted at 410 million euros (960 job positions).