Greek gov’t not examining two scenarios, FinMin officials say

The Greek government is not examining two scenarios regarding the budget draft plan and the cut in pensions, Finance Ministry officials told ANA on Wednesday.

The measure of cutting pensions is not structural, said the same officials and underlined that “even if the government did not proceed with the implementation of any measure (taxation) it would still achieve a fiscal space of around 1.3 pct to manage it as it wished”. They added that practically that means that cutting pensions was not necessary. “The government is not discussing postponing the measure but abolishing the measure,” Finance ministry officials said, adding that according to the medium-term programme covering the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 showed that the Greek economy was overperforming.

Commenting on the Greek banking system, the officials said there was no problem, adding that “as always, a report by Bloomberg led to the excessive reaction of markets”.