Greek gov’t raises minimum wage by 2%

The Greek cabinet on Monday approved a plan to raise a minimum wage by 2% from January 1, 2022, from 650 to 663 euros per month, or 773.5 euros if calculated by the fact that workers get paid 14 wages each year.

The decision was taken after completion of a consultation between social partners, research-scientific agencies and the Bank of Greece. Discussions were based on the ability of the economy and enterprises and the international situation.

“The Greek economy has suffered a deep recession because of the pandemic which came in continuation of an economic crisis. The goverment wants to support the purchasing power of workers without risking enterprises and job positions,” Labor and Social Affairs Minister Costis Hatzidakis said, adding: “Based on the results of the consultation, we approve a prudent raise that does not hinder the economy’s advance and preserves mininum wage at the middle of the EU list of countries. Employers and workers have the ability to agree to better wages through collective labor agreements. I know that this increase does not solve workers’ problems. But we follow the road of prudence until we overcome the consequences of the pandemic. I am certain that the government’s policy is the only one to really create preconditions for better payments.”