Greek hotels present package of relief proposals for after the pandemic

The Hellenic Chamber of Greece on Monday presented a comprehensive package of proposals for the implementation of guarantee measures to shore up the sustainability of Greek hotels after the coronavirus pandemic.

The proposals focuses on five categories of measures: reinforcing hygiene in hotels, labour, tax, bank loan settlements and other issues. The Chamber asks for new hygiene rules in hotel operation after the end of the emergency measures, a suspension all social insurance debt settlements, state subsidies for social insurance contributions paid by employers, the offer of a 12-month unemployment benefit to seasonal workers in the tourism sector, an immediate reduction of VAT on hotels to 6.0 pct and 13 pct for restaurant services for the next three years. Also the abolition of a supplementary special property tax, suspension of payment for all updated tax debt settlements and state guarantees of bank loans.

The Chamber also proposed a new framework for the long-term repayment of existing loans and the extension of sale and lease back contracts for a period of three years.