Greek industrial production up 2.2 pct in December

Greek industrial production rose 2.2 pct in December 2016, for a 2.3 pct average rise in 2016, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Thursday. The statistics service, in a report, said that manufacturing production fell 1.9 pct in December but grew 4.0 pct in 2016.

The composite industrial production index rose 2.2 pct in December compared with the same month in 2015, after a 6.9 pct increase recorded in the 2015/2014 period. This development reflected a 0.6 pct increase in the mining production index, a 15.9 pct jump in electricity production, while manufacturing production fell 1.9 pct (beverage production down 12.5 pct, clothing down 11.4 pct, electronics/optics down 27.9 pct, transport equipment down 21.4 pct and furniture down 16.8 pct). Water production fell 1.0 pct in December.

The average industrial production index in the January-December 2016 period grew 2.3 pct compared with 2015, while the seasonally-adjusted index grew 2.2 pct over the same period.