Greek industrial production up 3.1 pct in November 2018, Eurostat report

Industrial production in Greece rose 3.1 pct in November 2018 compared with the previous month and in comparison with the November 2017, Eurostat said on Monday.

The EU executive’s statistics agency, in a report released here, said that industrial production in the Eurozone fell 1.7 pct in November from October, while in the EU-28 industrial production fell 1.3 pct. Compared with November 2017, industrial production fell 3.3 pct in the Eurozone and 2.2 pct in the EU-28.

Ireland (7.5 pct), Portugal (2.5 pct) and Germany (1.9 pct) recorded the biggest monthly percentage declines, while Estonia (4.5 pct), Greece (3.1 pct) and Malta (2.6 pct) the biggest increases.