Greek inflation rate at 0.9 pct in August, Eurostat report

The Greek annual inflation rate rose to 0.9 pct in August, from 0.8 pct in July and 0.6 pct in August 2017, Eurostat said in a report released here on Monday.

In the Eurozone, the annual inflation rate eased to 2.0 pct in August from 2.1 pct in July (it was 1.5 pct in August last year), while in the EU, the annual inflation rate was 2.1 pct in August from 2.2 pct in July and 1.7 pct in August 2017.

Denmark (0.8 pct), Ireland and Greece (0.9 pct each) recorded the lowest inflation rates, while Romania (4.7 pct), Bulgaria (3.7 pct), Estonia (3.5 pct) and Hungary (3.4 pct) had the highest inflation rates. In comparison with the previous month, the annual inflation rate fell in 12 member-states, it remained unchanged in five and rose in 10 member-states in August.