Greek journalist files lawsuit against self-proclaimed billionaire at Supreme Court

A Greek journalist filed a lawsuit against self-proclaimed billionaire Artemis Sorras and his so-called business partner Emmanouil Lambrakis to the Supreme Court prosecutor on Wednesday.

In his lawsuit, journalist Alexandros Stefanopoulos who lives in the U.S., is accusing Sorras of forming a criminal gang, fraud, dissemination of false news, inciting people to violence or mutual discord, breach of duty and other crimes related to the currency.

Sorras claims he has in is possession bonds worth 600 billion euros with which he will pay back all of Greece’s debt, is already being investigated by authorities.

The journalist claims though his lawyers that the bonds circulated by Sorras are counterfeir and have no value – an argument verified by the US Treasury, which, in 2013, told the Bank of Greece that the documents presented by
Sorras and Lambrakis were fake.

“It is a case of blatant deception of citizens which constitutes the first ever attempt at a global fraud, in which a forged bond is presented to all legal, regulatory and banking authorities of the country, while the response from Greek Justice does not correspond to the extent of the crimes committed,” the lawsuit says.

The plaintiff also mentions Sorras’ acquittal by a first instance court Greece in 2013 when he was accused of spreading false news, adding he has faith in the justice system and that more evidence will be presented. He also said he has taken measures to protect himself as he’s sure his life will be threatened.