Greek ministry of tourism joins the EU’s Interreg programs, to fund joint partnerships with Cyprus

The Greek ministry of tourism joined the European Union’s joint partnership programs (Interreg), which will provide funding for developing and promoting niche tourism as part of the national strategy of tourism, the ministry said on Wednesday.

The programs encourage the exchange of experiences between regions across Europe to contribute to growth, jobs and sustainable development.

It is the first time the ministry of tourism signs up as a partner.

In the announcement, Giorgos Tziallas, the ministry’s secretary general for tourism policy and growth, was credited with initiating the process to help the ministry partner with other public agencies in Greece and abroad.

The partnership and the ministry will be funded under the Interreg program “Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020”, to implementing the following projects: “Stargazing & natural environment, an alternative product of development and promotion of Eastern Mediterranean geoparks” (with a budget of 2.96 million euros), and “Showcasing and dissemination of cultural and natural heritage through the development and institutional empowerment of religious tourism in the island area of Greece and Cyprus” ( with a budget of 2.74 million euros).

Partners in the projects include the Greek ministry of tourism, the Cypriot ministry of agriculture, the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the municipality of Siteia (Crete), the Church of Greece and the University of the Aegean.