Greek Parliament to decide on the setting up of an investigation committee about austerity memorandums

The Parliament Plenum on Monday will decide on the setting up of an investigation committee that would look into the events leading up to Greece’s entry into bailout programmes and austerity memorandums. The debate on the proposal submitted by SYRIZA and Independent Greeks (ANEL) will start at 18.00. Under the standing orders of the Parliament, the decision can be taken by the absolute majority of those present, which cannot be less than the 2/5 of the total number of deputies.

Investigation committees have the jurisdiction of the investigating authorities as well as of the misdemeanor prosecutor and can conduct any necessary investigation so as to accomplish its objective. The parliament has the power to limit the committee’s authority.

The parliament’s investigation committee has the right to ask public authorities, administrations of public and private legal entities as well as citizens for oral or written information. It can also ask for public and other documents that exist in the state files.

Ministers are obliged to hand in the original or certified copies of the documents requested by the committee. However, the minister may not hand in such documents if he reckons that their release could hurt the country’s interests, especially in cases of diplomatic or military secrets relating to the security of the country.