Greek participation in ANUGA 2017 up 30 pct

Greek participation in the ANUGA 2017 food trade fair is up 30 pct compared with the previous fair, Christos Staikos, head of Enterprise Greece said on Monday. ANUGA 2017 officially opened its gates in Cologne, Germany on Sunday.

In comments made to ERT TV station, Staikos underlined the need to boost the extroversion of Greek enterprises and said that this year’s participation aimed to show the dynamism of the Greek food sector, to demonstrate the quality, design and ways to strengthen the branding of the agri-food sector in the country.

“Interest is steadily rising lately, as everyone acknowledges that more extroversion is needed. In this framework, we try, with new funding tools presented and a strategy for a new development model that will boost extroversion, to further enhance this trend. That’s why the enterprises participating here have even greater dynamism and try to strengthen their prospects,” Staikos said.

“We are here with the slogan “invest in taste” as a country and as a food sector. We invite investors and exporters/importers of other countries, including Germany, to invest in taste, in the quality of Greek products. We try to build a general branding of the sector in European markets and particularly in Germany, which is a very difficult market. We seek through trade fairs and marketing to help enterprises in search of buyers in these markets,” he said.

Staikos said that foreign companies are showing interest in investing in the Greek agri-food sector. “We invest in ANUGA – the biggest international trade fair in the world – seeking better terms to penetrate the German market and to find buyers from other countries in Europe and the rest of the world,” he added.