Greek PM Tsipras: The next day for Greece is hopeful

“It is the moment to look to the future. The next day. And the next day is hopeful,” said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Monday.

“The Eurogroup decision was a one that Greece was entitled to. A decision that provides minimal recognition for the sacrifices of the Greek people, that were not always fair,” said Tsipras, addressing a cabinet meeting.

“We must not always point to the excessiveness and missteps of the bailout programs which were the responsibility of previous Greek governments. The institutions were also responsible, the ones who planned and many occasions imposed their application,” said Tsipras.

“Now is not the moment to look at the past, even though we must always remind ourselves and the people of the past. It is the moment to look to the future. The next day. The next day is hopeful. We secured measures for debt relief, which gives us the ability as a country to acquire steady and independent access to markets,” said the prime minister.

The exit to markets will take place without financial pressure and will aim at the best management of our debt, he added.