Greek PM’s office: The government’s draft bill for the “parallel programme” has not been withdrawn

The government’s draft bill for the “parallel programme” has not been withdrawn, an announcement issued by the Greek prime minister’s office said on Thursday, while condemning what it claimed was the “irresponsible” stance of the three opposition parties that walked out of the debate before the relevant Parliamentary committee on Wednesday.

“After the departure of the three parties from the Parliamentary process, with the groundless complaint that the draft bill tabled using urgent procedures created a fiscal burden and derailed the budget, equally groundless impressions were formed with a risk of creating obstacles to the negotiation and the government’s work for tackling the humanitarian crisis,” the announcement said.

Earlier, main opposition New Democracy interim president Yiannis Plakiotakis on Thursday charged that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras should “admit to his inability to govern”, speaking after reports claimed the SYRIZA-ANEL government withdrew its so-called “parallel economic programme” draft bill from consideration by Parliament.
“He [Tsipras] should confess his inability to govern and take initiatives to overcome the country’s political problem,” Plakiotakis said in a statement.

“The withdrawal of the bill on the ‘parallel program’ proves once more that everything Mr. Tsipras and his government officials said in the previous period was meaningless and for domestic consumption,” he added.