Greek Police breaks up forged documents network with the help of Interpol

The Greek Police broke up an international ring producing fake IDs in Greece, and is collaborating with Europol to investigate possible ties the group had with the Islamic State terrorist organisation.

A total of 20 individuals of various nationalities have been arrested so far – including nationals of Greece, Albania, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, and Syria – while another three are being sought.

The Greek Police began investigation in July and rounded up the suspects between October 31 and November 1 at various stores and houses. It also found four fully equipped laboratories for forged documents in greater Athens – two in the Athens neighborhoods of Platia Koliatsou and Patissia, and another two in the suburbs of Neos Kosmos and Pangrati.

According to the police, each laboratory produced around 25 fake documents a day, of all types – passports, Greek IDs, birth certificates, driver’s licences, health cards and anything required by “clients” who wanted to move from Greece to European countries, particularly the United Kingdom and Germany.

The police also confiscated a lot of genuine documents stolen from a police department in Spain.