Greek policeman who appears in video slapping a refugee is suspended

A video circulated on Monday afternoon depicting a Greek police officer on the island of Kos slapping a migrant while holding a knife in his other hand, causing immediate reactions within the country.

In the video, shot outside Kos’ police station, the officer is allegedly shown slapping a migrant and telling him that he had previously instructed him to stand in a specific location, which he then proceeds to mark with his knife. He then pushes another migrant further back.

Following the video’s circulation, the police officer in question was placed on administrative leave and Internal Affairs have launched a Sworn Administrative Inquiry as well as a preliminary inquiry into the matter.

Kos, an island in the southern Aegean Sea that is very close to the Turkish coast, has been one of the main entry points for refugees and migrants who make the trek from Asia to Europe.

Greece is facing an unprecedented influx of migrants, with July’s arrivals surpassing those of the whole 2014 calendar year.