Greek President: The crisis will not defeat us

Greek President Karolos Papoulias, who on Tuesday attended the military parade in Thessaloniki held as part of the celebrations for the October 28 national holiday, appeared confident that Greece would overcome the crisis in unity and solidarity.

“It was an excellent parade. It was a message that Greece, the Armed Forces, its people, we are all very strong and we are here to prevent any threat. Today is an exceptional day. It is a day of remembrance, of exceptional honour and respect to those who fought in 1940 and overthrew Mussolini’s fascist hordes. They gave Europe a message: that the democratic Europe can prevail and indeed it won,” he said after the end of the parade. “Today the Greek people are struggling under very difficult conditions. I hope that in unity and solidarity, with love for each other, we will unfold the virtues that those who fought and lost their lives in the Albanian mountains did. And if we do so, I am certain that we will overcome the crisis. The crisis will not defeat us. We suffer, I know that; however, I think we should fight so as to overcome it and I hope that we will,” he added.