Greek president Pavlopoulos expresses support for UNICEF’s telethon fundraiser

Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos called for the active support of UNICEF, the United Nations’ children’s fund, especially in the inoculations of children in the poorest nations of the world, in a message on Monday on the occasion of a telethon fundraiser on national broadcaster ERT.

“If we make an honest assessment of the repercussions of the double global crisis – the economic crisis and the crisis created by war – we shall undoubtedly reach a truly sad conclusion: Children are its greatest victims. We therefore have a fundamental obligation to actively support UNICEF’s great effort to stand by the children, especially in the poorest nations of the world,” said the president.

The telethon “One euro, one life” involves journalists, artists, politicians, athletes and authors, while messages have been pouring in from political leaders. Gifts have been coming in from schools, municipalities and regions, and football (soccer) and basket athletes are offering autographed items for auctioning.