Greek refugee council says detention of Turkish serviceman is illegal

The NGO Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) denounced on Monday what they described as an illegal detention of the Turkish officer who was granted asylum by an independent committee for refugees, saying whoever ordered it could be prosecuted.

Earlier in the day, a court accepted the government’s request to temporarily suspend the man’s asylum. Soon after, the Turkish officer was detained by police outside the offices of the Asylum Service.

“We note that for the case mentioned above, there is no law requiring his detention. Consequently, his arrest and detention are blatantly unlawful and could even entail criminal liability for whoever ordered it,” the NGO said in a press release.

The Council pointed out that according to article 46, par. 1 of law 4375/2016, an asylum seeker -and especially one to whom asylum has been granted and is not in administrative detention – cannot be detained, unless he has committed other crimes. It also argued that the Turkish national has completed the maximum time allowed for detention in asylum procedures.

The Council has called a press conference for Tuesday to discuss the issue at the meeting room of the Athens Bar Association, at 12:00.