Greek retail sales volume up 2.5 pct in July

The volume of sales in the retail commerce sector grew 2.5 pct in July this year, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Friday. The statistics service, in a report, said that the volume of sales grew in pharmaceutical/cosmetics (8.3 pct), books (6.7 pct), supermarkets (3.1 pct), furniture/home appliances (2.7 pct) and fell in food/alcohol/tobacco (3.4 pct), clothing/footwear (1.9 pct), fuel/lubricants (0.9 pct) and department stores (0.8 pct).

The general volume index (turnover in fixed prices) rose 2.5 pct in July compared with the same month last year and rose 7.4 pct from June 2018. The seasonally-adjusted retail sales volume index rose 1.4 pct in July from June 2018.

The turnover index (turnover in current prices) rose 4.0 pct in July from July 2017 and was up 3.8 pct compared with June 2018. The seasonally-adjusted index was up 1.5 pct in July from June 2018.