Greek ski resorts are safe and with highly trained staff

Greek skiers lack education and “ski like driving a car, as they are very competitive and do not keep the safety distances,” the President of the Greek Association of Ski Tourism Dimitris Pappas said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

Pappas stressed the importance of the right information in order to ensure their safety adding that for that reason a two-minute video will be screened as of mid-December in the country’s ski resorts.

He added that no serious accidents have been recorded, but measures must be taken in order to avoid any accidents in the future. Pappas underlined that he is making efforts to make the use of a helmet obligatory.

He also referred to the difficulties such as the lack of snow in Greece and insufficient infrastructure. However, he said that the representatives of the sector do their best to provide quality services.

As he said, more and more register their children in ski academies. “Skiing is becoming increasingly popular in our country and Greeks show their need to get close to nature,” he said and added that the ski resorts in the country are safe and increasingly well equipped with the right people.

Pappas added that the cost of transfer to a mountain, equipment, and the card for the use of lifts has been reduced to 30 euros / person from 50 euros / person last year.