Greek society does not agree with the government on the Skopje issue, ND’s Kikilias says

The vast majority of Greeks do not agree with the government on the Skopje issue, main opposition New Democracy (ND) spokesman Vassilis Kikilias said on Thursday in an interview with ANT1 TV.

He explained that Greek society is opposed to the secret diplomacy adopted by Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, at the orders of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Referring to the ruling coalition parties SYRIZA and ANEL, he noted that “it does not matter whether one calls the other far-right or far-left because they have put aside their ideology and focused on power as that which binds them,” he said.

He accused Kotzias of “attempting to solve the Skopje issue using secret diplomacy” even though Greece’s northern neighbours have not agreed to purge irredentism from their Constitution, school books, ID cards and passports, while “the government and opposition in Skopje make statements and political moves that are provocative with respect to our Macedonia.”

“Kotzias does not have the support of the governing majority, and certainly not of the political world, because the government did not consult with the opposition on anything, as it should have,” he added.