Greek soldiers’ return is a national priority for New Democracy, Spyraki says

“The return of the two Greek soldiers is an absolute national priority for New Democracy (ND),” the main opposition party’s spokeswoman Maria Spyraki said on Thursday. She attacked the prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, and said he had shown indifference when he referred to their arrest as “a common border incident”.

She said that ND had asked Tsipras to employ all options open to Greece as a member of EU’s inner core and NATO for the return of the two officers to their families and the country as soon as possible.

ND had accurately discerned that this was not a common border incident from the very first, Spyraki pointed out, and this was the reason why ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis had raised the matter in the United States and at the European People’s Party.

Spyraki also announced that Mitsotakis had contacted the leader of the Movement for Change Fofi Gennimata earlier about her proposals for revising the Constitution, expressing the view that this was not the right time for such an effort. According to Mitsotakis, revising the Constitution will require a broad consensus that does not currently exist, for reasons that are Tsipras’ responsibility. Mitsotakis also noted that ND’s proposals for a broad revision go far beyond the points rightly raised by Gennimata.